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How much impact can a decision have? The decision, for example, not to let the world drown in plastic? But instead to reuse it over and over again in a new and beneficial way as a valuable resource in a circular economy.

The interactive film project "Change the World of Petra" was created in preparation for the world's largest plastics trade fair. At the click of a mouse you can help decide which path Petra chooses and how it will affect the world - and learn a lot of exciting things about plastics and the circular economy at the same time.

Along the way, 27-year-old Petra Maier experiences society's challenges as well as the effects of certain decisions regarding the use of plastics.

The circular economy becomes an interactive discovery tour that shows plastic is not just "waste" but a valuable resource for new products and business ideas.

Our film project does more than just clearing up some prejudices about recycled plastic. We also communicate our greatest issue and belief that often a small seed is all it takes for something great to flourish - whether that's a new idea, a strong company or an intact environment. Every decision can be a seed from which a whole story eventually unfolds.

How does Petra's story end? There are several different possible endings. Try it out and choose a happy conclusion while finding out more about the circular economy.

>> Watch the interactive movie now!

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